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A long, long time ago, when SHIELD just began charitable work, we didnt have money for advertising, we didnt have the means to inform people about our work and about the help we can provide. By word-of-mouth, from one to another, our clients were telling their friends about SHIELD.

Soon we began to receive wonderful letters, with kind words, wishes and support. To all of our friends and volunteers, who were and are with us, we are can say from all of our heart:

Thank you very much!
We couldnt do this without you!

Comments and letters from our clients:

2004 Anna
2004 Emilia
2004 Yoshiko
2005 Luba, Arkadiy
2005 Inna
2005 Tatyana
2005 Client
2005 Client
2005 Sveta

Dear Olechka!

As you can guess we are all in Budapest now (by the way you are more than welcome!). Its a very nice city, not as expensive as Moscow and a lot quieter, which is really good for the kids. Our apartment is on the Buda side of the city, which is very green with fresh air and hilly (the other side of the city Pest is flat). The kids and I are here for two months already. I havent seen much of the city, because Im too busy with my boys, but what I saw I liked very much.

Vova is in the kindergarten in an American Christian school now. He enjoys it a lot. Its a good chance for him to speak English after 6 month in the States. He can read in Russian, too, already tries to write in Russian. Besides, I take him to piano lessons, which he loves a lot.

Vasilek is growing fast; hell probably start walking soon. He is go-getter type and very ingenious adorable baby. Hes got 6 teeth already and another four are coming.

Sorry I cant send you any pictures right now, I need to find out how.

We think about you a lot! And always with gratitude for your help, dear Olechka!
God bless all your beginnings and your family!
 Thankful and very happy
ex-Client of SHIELD Foundation,
 Anna M.

Dear Olga!

Im very thankful to your Organization and to you personally for your help in the difficult for me moment.

Your charitable work in Phoenix is very needed and very useful.

Emilia B.

Dear SHIELD, Olga and Artt!

May the gifts of peas and joy be yours this holiday season.
Thank you for your heart-full help.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, Yoshiko,
Your thankful ex-client from Japan.

Dear Olga,

Wed like to express our gratitude to you, not only as an agent of SHIELD, but also as like to a leader of our Community in [this] city.

Your community work is very helpful and uniting for the Citizens of our Valley.

The preparation of cultural events, help in the personal issues, which occur during adaptation to a new life all of it is very important for us.

Luba, Arkadiy.
May 17, 2005.

This letter expresses, in the same breath, my gratitude to the SHIELD Foundation, and the best wishes to the administration of the foundation.

I personally witnessed how the SHIELD Foundation has helped my two good friends between February May of 2005, (I will not mention their names for the sake of privacy). The two girls were abused by their husbands, and could not continue to stay with them anymore. The situation was getting even worse, because of the girls unfamiliarity with Local laws, insufficient English language skills, and the absence of any financial support.

It was like a miracle, when, in February of 2005, we were introduced to Olga, General Manager and one of the main facilitators of this organization. Right away, after the first conversation with her, everything took its rightful place, and the fear of uncertainty disappeared. Needed assistance was rendered immediately, to my two friends who needed it immediately. They got a safe place to live, qualified consultation to satisfy all their questions, the necessary preparations for an immigration case, and much, much more. The assistance was timely, efficient, and well organized. Olga demonstrated not only her ability to organize the process, and to help people who need help, but also her personal wonderful qualities: kindness, compassion, and a deep understanding of peoples souls. As a result, my two friends quickly solved their own problems, became confident in their near future in this country, and are now able to progress and enjoy their lives. The gratitude of my two friends and Mine to SHIELD and personally to Olga knows no bounds.

To this point, I would like to express my own, and my friends best wishes to the SHIELD Foundation. The simple fact, that this organization provides effective support and protection to domestic violence and domestic abuse victims has displeased and embittered some people. This displeasure might lead to those people trying to harm the SHIELD Foundation, or turn other people against it, by spreading negative and false information about the Foundation. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of evil and hatred in our imperfect world.

So, we sincerely wish that Olga, the SHIELD Foundation, and all others who will read this, understand those people who are displeased, and who may have never done something beautiful and kind for other people. The activity of the people who are spreading evil around is just a part of the process. Moreover, there are many more people who still need your help, so please continue on with your activity and keep your life energy focused on other wonderful things.

You put your heart and soul in your work! Thank you for everything!

May 27, 2005.
Inna Engler


My name is Tatyana Bagmanova, I was a SHIELD client. I lived in Phoenix, Arizona.

I would like to Thank SHIELD Foundation and especially personally Olga C., the General Manager, for her hard work and great help to us, and to anybody who comes to this Organization for help.

I came to Arizona with my family 2 years ago, having no information, no friends, no relatives and nothing but problems. We have tried to do things ourselves, but nothing worked right for us. Finally we came to SHIELD Foundation, and asked Olga to help us to apply for medical insurance and foodstamps, because we had no jobs, no money and not enough income. Since that time SHIELD helped us a lot on many different occasions, and we are doing much better.

SHIELD translated some important documents for me, and was an advocate for me, when I had a serious doctors appointment and wasn't able to communicate in good English.

In Olga, the General Manager of SHIELD we found a hard worker, and a great friend. We really appreciate everything she and SHIELD Foundation did for us.


Thankful SHIELD Client, Tatyana Bagmanova
November 29, 2005.

Mere words could not describe the high level of professionalism, knowledge and responsibility of SHIELD Foundation. Only us, victims of domestic violence who have been lucky to get help from SHIELD can truly appreciate this organization.

When I found myself in an abusive situation in a foreign country, I did not know what to do, where to go and who to ask for help. Fear, uncertainty and doubt were overwhelming.

SHIELD agents helped me overcome these feelings. They helped me find power within myself, to fight the challenges and to create the life I deserve and desire. They created the physical shelter and emotional support necessary. The level of concern and support is still incomprehensible to me. I saw SHIELD agents care more for their clients, even more than some of the clients cared for themselves.

SHIELD helps victims of domestic violence realize that:
  1)  they are strong enough to leave abusive relationships,
  2)  move on with their lives, and create their life they deserve.

SHIELD has made it happen for me as well. SHIELD helped me with shelter, transitional housing, they helped me with my divorce from my abusive husband, and with my immigration status. SHIELD also helped me receive benefits like health insurance and food stamps during this difficult time, not to mention all the moral support and friendship! All in all, the people who work with SHIELD are very special people, who are truly committed to helping others.
If you ever find yourself in an abusive situation, do not panic! Contact SHIELD, explain your situation, and let these amazing people help you find your way out of your problem, and get your life back on track. Trust SHIELD and they will help you!

Thankful SHIELD Client.

 I was resident of Arizona, when I became the client of SHIELD Foundation.

The main office of this Organization located in Phoenix, but their clients coming and asking for help from other States and even from other countries.

After the big conflict with my husband, I found myself in very difficult situation with no good English, no friends and not enough income for the independent and new life. Before it I was living in U.S.A. approximately 1 year with no relatives or friends, only with my American husband, who could not miss the opportunity to mock and abuse me, my principles and my believes. After escape from my husband, I found myself completely along, and I didnt know were to go.

When I called to SHIELD, pleasant Olgas voice from the first words let me calm down and realize, that my situation is not so hopeless. That day was approximately a year ago. Right now I have my job, my home, many friends and plans for my future.

All of this became available with the help of Olga and Artt, who were supporting me, when I needed and asked for help. Professionalism and high speed of their work could impress just everyone. SHIELD Foundation is only one Charitable Organization in Arizona, which is providing so much help for the clients on so high level. I am still thankful for my opportunity to meet with Olga and Artt, and for my luck to be a Client of SHIELD Foundation at the time of crisis in my life.

Thankful SHIELD Foundation Client,
With respect and best wishes.

To: SHIELD Foundation
From: Sveta

It would be difficult for me to overstate the importance of the service your organization provides to persons like myself. I would like to say, Thank you very much for the help and support that you gave me during a very difficult and stressful time in my life.

I would like to especially note my appreciation to SHIELD agents Art and Olga for sacrificing so much of their personal time to help others in need. You have helped me with all of my problems, and comforted me with your kind words and understanding. You answered all of my questions clearly, accurately and in detail.

After my crisis situation was resolved, you still have continued to help me, Free, with no expectation of reward, from a loving heart, respectfully and honestly.

Your organization fulfills a real and valuable need, and I sincerely wish SHIELD and you personally continued success in al that you do, and in your honest effort to help others, as you have helped me. I hope that the story of my success demonstrates the magnitude and importance of what you do for others regularly so selflessly.

With my warmest personal regards, and abiding appreciation,

Thankful SHIELD Client,



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