Safety Plan
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The  S H I E L D   Name, Logo, Mission Statement

The  S H I E L D  Name means:
    • Safe
    • Healthy
    • Individualized
    • Emergency
    • Lawful
    • Defense

The  S H I E L D  Logo contains 3 elements:
    1. The Shield  means Protection.

    2. The Celtic Cross is a symbol of the four (4) quarters representing:   
      • North - wisdom, stability and Winter.
      • East - knowledge, learning and Spring.
      • South - vitality, passion, strength, and Summer.
      • West - intuition, emotion, inner knowledge, and Fall.

    3. The Circle represents the Sun connecting the four arms of the Celtic Cross symbolizing Unity, Glory, Splendor and Fountain of Life, and the colors symbolize:
      • Green on the Shield symbolizes: Hope, Joy and Loyalty in Love
      • Silver on the Celtic Cross symbolizes: Peace and Sincerity.
      • Gold on Circle/Sun symbolizes: Generosity, and Elevation of the Mind.

S H I E L D   Mission Statement:

To Empower Domestic Abuse Victims from diverse nationalities  and their Families , to take and regain  control of their lives,  to break the cycle of Abuse and Violence, and to integrate into a productive family life and active environment in the U. S.

S H I E L D   Statement of Purpose:

Life and mind transition, empowering victims and their families from diverse nationalities to effectively integrate them in a better life environment  in Arizona, and to break the cycle of Abuse and Violence permanently.

S H I E L D   Vision Statement:

Preventing and/or breaking the cycle of Domestic Violence with the Assistance and Support Services for families of diverse nationalities that are suffering from immigration and cultural adjustment stress, and that are creating a positive future for themselves in United States of America.

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